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Angular CLI Primer

Angular CLI Primer With everything evolving so fast in technology, it's important to stay abreast of new technologies if you want to be a good programmer.  Sometimes it seems as if you're only as good as your last project and the market is so

My Angular2 Primer

Being a software developer means taking on new challenges and new technologies; sometimes in my own personal time. So this time I decided to take another stab at AngularJS, via version two aka Angular2. AngularJS has changed quite a bit, but it's

A list of questions

Since when does someone else get to decide what we do with our bodies? It's funny to see a so-called "Christian" nation attempt to get so biased and supportive of something like "Anti Abortion," yet ignore other causes like helping needy children,

Restful API’s? Really?

Ok. So I'm looking at these job ads nowadays and so many of them explicitly mention RESTful API's.  What's the deal with that?  Who doesn't know what they are and how to use them?  Is this job ad fluff or are developers out there claiming they