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The Armor of God

When you put on the Armor of God, you are arming yourself with spiritual weapons...Spiritual Weapons that will protect us from dangers to our spirit and provide us with a means to combat them as well.   Ephesians 6:10-17 Be strong in the

Feed Your Spirit

So lately, I've been eating less and less meat in favor of more fruits and veggies, and non-meat proteins.  Part of this came about because I had not been feeling good inside and out.  I fasted several times in the past 30 days (to renew my

Design Patterns vs Knowing your app

To Design Pattern or not to.  Is that thee question?  Well...maybe and possibly, depending upon where you are working at or who you are interviewing with.  In my 15 year span of working as a programmer I can say that most of my work was done

Just Do It!

In accordance with good will and trustworthiness, I write this post to demonstrate the character of someone special to me, as I promised her I would.  It is my opinion that everyone should know her true colors.   First and foremost, I